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Creating a Life Plan Community Right Here in Humboldt County

Life Plan Humboldt is a tax-exempt nonprofit formed to plan, build, and support a mixed-income Life Plan Community in Humboldt County, California.

We aim to create a resident-led, aging-in-place community in Humboldt providing secure, accessible homes and environmentally responsible setting that supports independence, socialization, personal growth, community involvement, and intellectual stimulation. Life Plan Humboldt will keep people close to their friends and families and provide a continuum of services to address changing needs over time.

We want local control and a place that reflects North Coast culture and values, and that includes a mix of income levels that reflects Humboldt County’s population.

The Life Plan Humboldt (LPH) board, led by Ann Lindsay M.D., is comprised of local community leaders with deep commitments to the North Coast and experience implementing complex projects.

LPH is looking closely at properties in McKinleyville and Arcata (view sites) to create a campus-like residential setting. We want to combine private residences with common social areas and open space, including areas to enjoy nature and to farm. We plan to begin preliminary design in 2022. Ground-breaking could be from two to five years away.

The LPH board is learning from other Life Plan Communities and working with experienced advisors who have created mixed-income communities around the United States for help setting up the financial structure, operations, and design of our community.

A Quick Overview of our LPH Community Plan



We are building a Life Plan Community Right Here in Humboldt County!


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Help Design Our Life Plan Humboldt Community

Because we want to stay in this beautiful area, a group of local individuals is committed to building and managing a non-profit, inclusive life plan community, Life Plan Humboldt, that’s focused on active, mindful, engaged aging in Humboldt County.

Life Plan Communities offer a continuum of living situations to residents, from independent living to assisted living to advanced nursing/memory support. A person can spend the rest of their life within a life plan community, accessing higher levels of care as needed.

Initially Proposed for Humboldt

  •     80 – Independent Living Residences
  •     Assisted Living Care in Independent Living Residences as Needed
  •     12 – Memory Care Suites in a Home-Like Setting
Take the Life Plan Humboldt Move-In Survey which will be used to help us decide what features and amenities will be part of the design of our senior residential life plan community. It will also help us gauge who is interested in moving in to our community once built.

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Our Mission

To engage the mind spirit and body in wellness and community to enable older adults to thrive
A non-profit, resident-led, senior (60+) “aging-in-place,” community in Humboldt County California, providing a continuum of services in a safe,secure and environmentally responsible setting that supports independence, socialization, personal growth, community involvement, and intellectual stimulation.

Core Values

  • - To enable residents to maintain independent lives in their own homes
  • - To enhance the quality of life and nurture a sense of community
  • - To promote an environment of continued learning, culture, wellness – fun
  • - To welcome all people
  • - To provide high quality healthcare programs along a continuum of services
  • - To adopt a model that ensures affordability and security
  • - To participate in and contribute to the well-being of the larger community
  • - To engage in sustainable practices that improve our environments
  • - To foster a rewarding work experience and professional growth opportunities for staff
  • - To foster a culture of generosity

Examples of Other Communities

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Prospective Site in McKinleyville

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